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Unique Consulting Group is a CRM Solution company which started out in the Financial Service Industry. After years of experience we have transitioned into a CRM Solution company offering several advanced services.

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Web Portal Design
We deliver purely innovative and leading-edge web portal design services.
Dynamic Website Design
We excel in making high-quality feature-rich dynamic website solutions
Finance Mobile Apps
We offer comprehensive primary Finance Mobile App designing solutions that produce business value.
Web/Desktop based CMS
We excel in developing prompt and functional database driven web applications
Payment Gateway Integration
Supporting your website with online transaction capabilities, we provide secure payment gateway integration services.
Open Source CMS integration
Extending your authority over your website, we deliver affordable open source CMS integration services

Beautiful Interface

Each interface is designed to create a product that's not only functional but we create each interface to visually convey functionality of each asset. Our goal is to demonstate easy to use platforms that are stimulating to not only the business and their customers platform as well.

Charts, Diagrams & more

Information is important displayed is extremely important we have dynamic ways to break that information down to your employees and customers. Using charts, graphs, diagrams anything we can to make the experience different.

Award Winning Design
Monotonectally envisioneer e-business niche markets vis-a-vis cost effective information. objectively promote worldwide.
Carefully Crafted
Authoritatively streamline strategic markets without user-centric potentialities. Credibly integrate progressive technologies
Cloud Sync
Objectively underwhelm e-business leadership skills after cross-unit best practices. Continually innovate robust action items

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